"I have tried to get close to the frontier between architecture and sculpture and to understand architecture as an art."
- Santiago Calatrava

What we are and hope to establish is to be a resource for information, design creativity, and technical support in the fields of architecture, sustainability, and design. We provide services for professionals as well as to the general public. Our diverse range of experiences in the construction industry creates a well-rounded understanding of different challenges encountered on and off the field and uses our technical ability to solve them in an innovative yet efficient manner. Each project presented will be analyzed and assessed for a realistic time frame from the moment of inquiry. We respect and value our client's time and we believe an honest answer for the ability to complete deadlines should be established at the initial meeting. We are pleased to provide our services with professionalism and encourage all inquiries.


This project was proposed by a client that owns One Earth Recycling to launch a convenient method of recycling with the efficiency of an account for instantaneous transactions. This design is the first commercial model undergoing the permitting process for One Earth Recycling and Gonzalez Planning & Design-Build. We hope to create a template for future centers to be distributed throughout San Diego. Its sustainable components make it a perfect candidate for future LEED certification.


Paving the way for the most diverse in the area, this detached ADU located above a new proposed garage has been designing to the extent that it influenced the client to remodel their main residential home to match. With a kidney-shaped pool shared in between both structures, there is a sense of harmony and liveliness that compels you to want to experience a summer day at this residence.

For all your remodeling needs, trust only your local professionals at Gonzalez Planning & Design Build. Our passion to deliver 100% customer satisfaction guarantees exceptional quality and results.


Property research, zoning information, municipal code information, California code information, local supplier pricing, shipping container fabricators, etc.

Conceptual Design

Design consultations, preliminary design, 3D renderings, schematic design, sketches, preliminary landscape design, interior design & renderings, walk-throughs, space plan 3D projects.

Construction Documents

Architectural drawings, technical illustrations, specification detail drawings, space planning, pulling permits for residential projects, schematic design, title template design, and isometric illustrations. Contract, Residential, & Commercial


Real estate photos, architectural features, construction timeline, impactful photo-shoot, videos.

What We Offer

We are a Chula Vista design-build firm serving all of San Diego. We are geared towards sustainable built environments, however, can service all conventional needs. Check our website to learn more.

◉ New Construction And Remodel
◉ Lathing
◉ Plastering (Stucco)
◉ Type V Wood Framing
◉ Finished Carpentry
◉ Specialty Carpentry (Custom Builds)
◉ Drywall
◉ Painting (Interior & Exterior)
◉ Carpet & Flooring Installation
◉ Minor Landscaping Installation
◉ Sculptural Installation
◉ Millwork & Gutter Application
◉ Tilework And Bathroom Installation

"Gonzalez Planning & Design-Build has been doing a great job. The owner and his team have created our home’s project plan designs and installed vinyl planks flooring throughout my house in a timely manner and great price. Mr. Gonzalez has experience and a strong background in the field. He communicates well, responsible, respectful, and stays with you throughout the process of the project. I highly recommend Gonzalez Planning & Design-Build to anyone who is planning any type of home renovation or improvement."